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landscape photography

evelien van den bogaert is photographer of landscapes: landscape photography. Landscape photography is what I like to do most. Besides landscape photography I am also active with making portraits: portrait photography, interior, interiors: interior photography, travel: travel photography, with my Nikon and Bronica. In landscape photography I am fascinated by the merger of nature and culture. Web site photography is becoming more important, as well as architecture photography. I do black and white landscape photography, digital photography, black and white photography. I am a photography teacher, photographer wantedt, known photographer, photographer haarlem, photographer amsterdam. Photographer evelien, camera, photo camera, lns portrait photography, digital photography nikon, Landscape photo album, photo album, landscape photography tip, portrait photographer, portrait photography, foto log.
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In 1998, after having had a career both in the touroperating business and in the medical world, I was looking for inspiration and a new challenge; which proved to be photography.

In 2003 I graduated from the 'Fotoacademie Amsterdam' as an allround creative photographer. I specialized in landscape and interior decorating photography and I have been working as a freelance photographer eversince. In my portfolio you will find examples of my various work, also of the portraits I did.

In 2006 my autonomous work, together with the work of colleague-photographers was exhibited at 'De Vishal' in Haarlem, but my photographs have been on display more often.

Since a few years I work with a digital camera, a Nikon D200, and I am very happy with my recent buy: a digital Hasselblad H2D with a Phase One back. Really top of the bill!